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Southway is a live electronic music duo consisting of Shaun Jason from Bristol (UK) and Shiun Kim from Seoul (South Korea). The two met dancing at a club on Christmas Eve in Seoul. Shaun started Southway initially as a solo project when he was couch-surfing his way across the US., and after spending many years living in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco, he moved to Seoul.

Having previously released the first two Southway albums ‘Electroganic’ and ‘Somapop’, Shaun continued writing and recording whilst touring South Korea and Asia, which led to the completion of the third album, aptly titled 'Suitcase'. It was at this time when Shaun met Shiun, who was training as a theatrical performance artist. This is when they first started playing music and touring together, releasing their first album as a duo called 'The World Outside'.

From the duo’s formation, they have been keeping active in both the UK, Europe and South Korea to build a presence in multiple regions simultaneously. After a period in Berlin, Germany, they are currently based in Manchester, UK. Since they met, Southway have been playing live constantly, with performances at clubs & festivals across three continents, including the Hyundai Card Super Concert at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul with Muse, Metallica and Iggy Pop, Shenzhen Midi Festival in Shenzhen (China), Bristol Harbour Festival (UK), Edinburgh International Festival (UK), Mumaland Festival in Zhuhai (China) plus many more.

Southway continues to spread their music, with numerous radio and TV appearances to their credit, including a 30 minute TV special on EBS TV in South Korea. Their brand new full-length album called 'Exit Neon' is now complete, which will be released in 2024. With over 100 performances to their credit in 2023, the duo is excited about what's to come in 2024 with their new album and their brand new EDM/Cyberpunk driven live show.

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